Lean Healthcare West has been assisting hospitals, outpatient clinics, long term care facilities and physician offices practices implement Lean since 2001. Collectively the company has worked with over 140 healthcare organizations since that time. The staff consists of healthcare professionals, engineers, IT specialists and experienced business leaders who have been practicing, coaching and introducing Lean to healthcare organizations. Recent collaboration on facility design and preparation for moving to new facilities has expanded the experience of the staff.

Recognizing respect for patients and workers, LHWs simplified implementation of the Toyota Production System (TPS/Lean) concepts and methods brings immediate Lean advantages to any healthcare organization as leadership and staff learn by doing. Click here to learn more about our system for Lean implementation and education known as the reVIEW© Program.

The concepts and methods are easy to learn and easy to teach which creates the ability to develop internal capacity for sustaining the practice of Lean without exhaustive consulting reliance. Click here to see our menu of services.

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